Dick DeVos Makes Yet Another Brilliant Move To Improve The City Of Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos has always supported plans and ideas that make his hometown of Grand Rapids a better place to live in. As an entrepreneur and supporter of the Republican party in the state of Michigan, he has done his best to get behind the right projects that will do so. There have been many great ideas put forward that would move Grand Rapids forward but not every idea is a winner. He has learned this through experience and followed his gut when he decided to start lobbying against a plan that was being proposed to construct a sports and convention arena in the city of Grand Rapids.


For Dick DeVos, the problem wasn’t with the arena itself but where it was located and what it was being dedicated to. He was a live when the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills was constructed, and he saw how detrimental it had been to the city of Detroit when the sports teams it was built for vacated Detroit during the 1970s. During his campaign to convince the city to not build the arena, he was a leading part of the building of Grand Action. This organization is comprised of business leaders who have been responsible for many other buildings in the city that have improved it in a spread of different ways.


Dick DeVos is also a passionate pilot who was recently chosen to be a member of the Management Advisory Council, which oversees the Federal Aviation Administration. He joined six other new members and will now help to advise the senior management of the organization. He will be a part of the Management Advisory Council for 3 years and will continue to serve in his other private and public positions. In the past, Dick DeVos has served as the CEO of Amway and is now the company’s president. He is also the CEO of The Windquest Group and also serves the world as a philanthropist through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation.


As a supporter of educational reform, Dick DeVos started up the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a charter school he founded in 2010 that focuses on preparing younger students to work in the aviation sector. The school is located within Grand Rapid’s Gerald R. Ford Airport and has grown rapidly over the years. Dick has also supported the educational sector through large donations and hopes to see the United States become a place where its children can afford to go to a school of their family’s choosing.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

Hussain Sajwani The DAMAC Owner with a Heart of Gold

is known for its skyscrapers and the beautiful buildings, but it was not always so. In the past two decades, Dubai has become one of the leading property markets, and its demand has increased to a great level. One of the leading property companies is a DAMAC properties that is the largest property companies in the Middle East. The reason for the growth of the company is due to the vision of its owner and current chairman Hussain Sajwani. He has managed to identify the need of the industry and offered exactly what the people are looking for. He also ensures that the customers of the company are able to get the best service possible.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani was not always in the property industry. He grew up in a middle-class family that owned a small family business. During his school days, he used to help his parents and his brother to run the business. After DAMAC owner went to study in the US, he always wanted to start his own business. He began by selling time-share apartments to people. The money he earned from it was later used as the capital for his catering business that he started after he completed his graduation. It was later that he saw potential in the property market in the UAE and decided to start there. In an article published at Saudi Projects, he said that he started with developing small hotels first and then moved to build high rises in Dubai. Soon, his company took off and became one of the top property development companies that can be attributed to developing Dubai as a popular investment market.

Apart from running the property business, DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani also believes in working for the future of the younger generation. Recently he became part of the One Million Arab Coders initiative by the UAE government. The initiative will allow providing the participants with the skills and the capabilities of coders to develop software. Since the youth today are the future of the country, it is essential that they are imparted with skills that are in high demand today. Hussain Sajwani has contributed to the initiative through its DAMAC Foundation.

Official source: http://www.saudiprojects.net/

Ryan Seacrest: Making A Wave Of Great Choices In Show Business

In these days and times, Ryan Seacrest is living the high life in New York City. Seacrest is having a wonderful career in show business, and because of a long stream of prestigious corporations hiring Ryan, there is a resume on file to prove it. Due to the amounts of moments spent on the craft of entertainment, Ryan Seacrest lands hosting gigs like no other in the spotlight. On some occasions, Seacrest takes a break to regroup and think about the next best plans. Not to mention that Ryan Seacrest is looking to be wed, the show host and actor knows that at some point in one’s life and career, you have to choose happiness outside of your profession.

Recently, Ryan Seacrest landed a hosting job opposite of Kelly Ripa. Once finished there, Seacrest reports to a nationally-syndicated radio station. When hosting on tv and on radio, Ryan Seacrest talks about celebrity news, music, movies, and rumors.

If Ryan Seacrest feels stressed, it is a sign that there needs to be a break to head to the gym with a personal trainer. Most typically mornings, Ryan walks to enjoy the sunrise before going to the gym by noon. Seacrest doesn’t like to brag about having a successful career. In most cases, Ryan feels that people will become jealous of the fact that there’s no normal 9 to 5 for the celebrity.

In the next few years, according to eonline.com, Ryan Seacrest may create a talk show on television that’s focused on rock stars and models. For Ryan, it won’t be a problem with getting a celebrity on the show for an interview or a musical performance. In the meanwhile, Seacrest will enjoy New York City while hosting with Ripa on “Live With Kelly And Ryan” plus taking care of business in the industry for a brighter future. In hopes of helping someone else’s life, Ryan has a charity foundation well-known in New York City. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation focuses on helping the youth use their talents to become a professional actor or entertainer.

Copyright, (2018), New York Times, https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/12/fashion/mens-style/ryan-seacrest-works-out.html

Infinity Group Australia Changes How People Are Viewing Finances

In 2013 Grome Holme and his partner Rebecca Walker spent months trying to figure out how to solve the financial problems of Australian families. Grome had noticed that many families were living paycheck to paycheck and only paid the minimum on their loans. The banks do not receive any incentive to help people make better financial choices. Grome thought he could help families by making a personal trainer for fiance. Just like the personal trainers in a gym, this person could help guide and keep families on track. Grome created Infinity Group Australia.


The financial group started small working in Rebecca’s Nan and pops house. Infinity Group Australia has grown quickly over the years. The group works to help people with debt reduction, wealth creation, property investments and retirement. In 2018 they have offices in Bella Vista, Cronulla, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Port Macquarie. They have also won several awards including Customer Experience management in 2018, and Number 13 of the top 100 MPA in 2017.


Infinity Group Australia can contribute their success to the way they do business. From the moment a client walks through the door, they are treated in a welcoming and friendly manner. Across multiple meetings, Infinity Group Australia works with their clients to find their financial goals and a workable budget. The financial group gives the client a debit card for essential spending and manages the investments and savings of the client. Then the client is meet with once a month to receive a performance report that tells them if they are meeting their financial goals, and how to fix any problems. They also receive six detailed reports every month.


This method has shown good results. On average a person with a 30-year loan could repay that loan in seven to ten years. Some people have had even better results. One family using Infinity Group Australia was able to their debt by 96,271 in just 12 months.


The customers have left good reviews about Infinity Group Australia despite its tough love approach. The families say they enjoy how Infinity Group Australia educates them and helps them receive their financial goals. Looking at financial workers as personal trainers to help people receive their financial goals may be the best way to help families all over Australia. Learn more : https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/testimonials/

Eric Lefkofsky Educates The Press About His True Nature

Eric Lefkofksy is an entrepreneur, community leader, and philanthropist who has been a part of many different successful companies. Like many other successful individuals, he starts his day early around 5am and gets to work by 6am. He takes some smaller breaks during the day to eat and workout but fits as much work as possible into the rest of his day. Once he gets home, he does his best to shut down the work part of his brain, but it is hard due to the fact that he has 11,000 employees under him to take care of. Since he runs companies that do business all over the world, there is always something happening that could use his attention.

While he was exclusively working with Groupon, in the past, he enjoyed having one business to focus on. Nowadays, he has plenty more on his plate, but he manages to take care of all of his business ventures with a commitment to each of their missions. In interviews, he has admitted that as a younger man he was inspired by the business world for financial reasons. Now, he finds that he has all of the money he could ever need and focuses on helping as many people as possible. He does this through his own efforts and through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that was founded by his wife, Liz, and himself.

Eric Lefkofsky has discovered that there is no way a successful businessman can stay out of the press. He does his best to keep certain aspects of his life private but has opened up in other ways. In the past, he feels that the press has treated him unfairly by publishing inaccuracies and other incomplete information about him and his businesses, but he works to focus on the here and now by keeping that in the past. One of the largest misconceptions was that he had made a mistake investing in technology during the 2000 tech bubble burst, but the truth was that no one back then knew when that was going to take place. Since then, he has done more than recover and now finds himself in an elite category of successful entrepreneurs who are working to make the world a brighter place.

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Freedom Checks May Be The Legitimate Investment Too Suspicous to Invest In

Freedom Checks may be the legitimate investment too suspicious to take. The commercials for them are sure sketchy. Some weird guy holding up a fat check saying all the things scammers have said before. But Freedom Checks are no scams. They are traditional investments.

Lets talk about those investments. Freedom Checks are actually MLPs, Master Limited Policies. They are individual stakes in natural resource companies, ones that deal primarily in the transportation of natural resources. These companies are being offered a significant tax break that allows them to operate as though they were tax free entities. To take advantage they have to allocate 90% of incoming profit to stakeholders. Sending the funds out before tax, so that the remaining 10% is all that is taxed. This also allows such business to work with the capital of publicly traded companies, because MLP’s are tradeable commodities. Both aspects provide great benefit to the companies, which in turn provide benefit to the investor.

A freedom check is actually a monthly to quarterly investment payoff to stakeholders so that said resource companies can enjoy their tax break. It is essentially free money, but only if a legitimate investment is made. The stakes are like stock so the same risks involved in stocks are present here.

The man presenting the Freedom Checks is Matt Badiali. He is an investment guru for Banyan Hill Publishing who offers actionable advice to potential investors through two weekly newsletters. Badiali is an expert in the natural resource market, using his expertise as a geologist to perform hands on investigations into companies. He knows the dependability of a company based on first hand information, looking at their operation as a while for flaws. He is also a master of the market which is how he knows about MLPs. So despite the sketchy appearance a freedom check is legit.


Peter Briger formerly known as Mr.Peter Lionel Bridger did his Bachelors of Art at the Princeton University and then later proceeded to do his MBA at the Wharton School of Business from the University of Pennsylvania.

He is not currently named in the Forbes billionaires list of 2018, but in 2007 he was listed among the top 400 wealthiest Americans labeled number 407 in the Forbes list of billionaires across the globe.Mr. Peter Briger has a current net worth of about $2.3 billion.

Peter joined fortress LLC in March 2002 as a management committee when the firm wanted to diversify their private equity into real estate and debt securities thus allowing Him to create the Fortress credit portfolio where he serves as the president and the principal of that unit.

He is responsible for exclusively checking into underrated and distress illiquid credit investment in the entire firm. Mr. Peter Briger began serving the board of governors since 2006 and was elected as co-chairman in 2009.

Fortress LLC which is the leading global investment management firm undertaking the private and institutional investors as well as oversees asset of about $65 billion.

One of his most significant achievement in the firm is when he was able to raise $4.7 billion for the Fortress Investment Group in 2015,

Before joining the firm, he worked with the Goldman Sachs for at least 15 years as a partner in 1996 he has the responsibility of overseeing some operations in some business areas.

While serving here, he attended various committees such as the Asian management committee, Japan executive committee, and the global control &compliance committee. In other words, he controlled the debt vehicles, loans, trading and real estate.

Peter is among the renowned philanthropist known as he serves on the board of tipping point a non-profit organization serving low-income families in San Fransisco. More than that, Mr.Peter Briger also serves on the board of caliber schools a network of a charter school committed to preparing students for success in college and even beyond that.

Moreover, he is part of the leadership at the renowned Silicon Valley council that oversees funds which generally go to children’s across the globe.

Apart from that, he is also a member of the committee on foreign matters which is an organization that deals with improving and promoting the ability of an individual to understand international issues and protocol thereof.

Consequently, his passion is to support nonprofit companies who have the desires to see that risky population is well taken care of and handled in the right manner. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World

Last but not least, he also funded several programs such as the professorship at the Princeton University.  Click here

As President and CEO of InnovaCare Health, Dr. Shinto brings impressive medical experience and works with well-versed executive staff to help InnovaCare Health succeed.

InnovaCare Health, which was officially founded in December 2012 is headquartered in Fort Lee, N.J. It is a privately held company with an employee base of 1100 to 5000. It also has MMM Holdings in Puerto Rico and MMM of Florida as subsidiary companies. InnovaCare Health creates innovative solutions for healthcare with an integrated portfolio of health plans, clinical networks, medical services and more.

The company also works with providers, payers, patients and other stakeholders to increase individuals access to affordable and quality healthcare. InnovaCare Health’s core values include providing quality medical care for all patients. Quality medical care is the end goal of everything InnovaCare does, and strong patient-provider relationships lead to healthier lives. InnovaCare Health decided to work with the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) in 2016. LAN has a partnership with the public and private sector to drive the U.S. healthcare system toward the payment model, which focuses on quality, and not quantity.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services launched the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network in 2015.

Rick Shinto was honored in February 2018 by Modern Healthcare as one of the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare. The profiles of the winners — including Dr. Shinto — were featured in the February 2018 printed issue of Modern Healthcare. This recognition program, which was founded by Modern Healthcare seven years ago, honors those healthcare executives who are minorities and who are also influencing policy as it relates to healthcare delivery models.

Rick Shinto earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of California. Dr. Shinto was also received his medical degree from Stoney Brook (State University of New York). Besides a medical degree, Dr. Shinto also attended the University of Redlands where he earned his MBA. Shinto began in medicine as a pulmonologist and internist in Southern California.

Dr. Rick Shinto has 20 years of healthcare-related experience in managed care in areas of operational and clinical health. Dr. Rick Shinto has a very impressive work résumé. He has worked at companies like PMC Medicare Choice, Inc., MMM Healthcare Inc., North American Medical Management, Aventa Inc., and Medical Pathways Management Company. While working at Aventa, Shinto won an award for young entrepreneur of the year.

Rick Shinto was elected to serve as a board member of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), which is the health insurance industry’s most significant trade association.


Brazilian Executive And Race Car Driver Rodrigo Terpins

After graduating from Saint Hilaire College with a degree in Business Management, Rodrigo Terpins began a career in the business industry when he was put into the position of Chief Executive Officer and President of one of the biggest women’s clothing stores in Brazil. He was employed at the store, which is called Lojas Marisa, from 1991 to 2006, and while he was there the business gained more popularity, and is now in nearly every shopping center in that country.

By 2008, he became the Senior Director of another company called T5 Participacoes. But in between all of his business responsibilities and accomplishments was a passion for the sport of race car driving. His interest in speed racing pushed him to train for Brazil’s largest off-road racing competition known as the Sertoes Rally, which is an annual multi-state event that consists of 7 stages. In 2015, Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michel, along with two other drivers, formed a driving team called Bull Sertoes, and together they won the top prize in several of these greatly watched rallies.

Having successfully completed 5 Sertoes Rallies, Rodrigo Terpins is considered to be one of the most skilled race car drivers in his country. His team’s very capable V8 engine-equipped vehicle, nicknamed T-Rex, powered through the 2nd stage of the event’s 24th edition and helped the drivers secure a 1st place win. The machine was built by the team’s sponsor, MEM Motorsports, with a focus on making it strong enough to get over the rough and rocky terrain of the rally. After finishing this part of the race as champions, Rodrigo’s brother Michel described it as being very difficult and exhausting. Check out 1000variedade.com to know more.

Rodrigo Terpins was born in Sao Paulo as a member of a family that had a big interest in athletics. He developed a passion for sports at a young age, due to the fact that his father Jack was a professional basketball player when he was growing up. Rodrigo became an avid fan of speed racing, and both he and his brother desired to get involved with the sport. Currently, the highly decorated racers have a large fan base they stay connected with online.

Business Lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein, Explains Stock Option Advantages

Jeremy Goldstein has been sharing his opinions on business and law for years. Now he has shared his thoughts behind stock options. He explains the pros and cons that companies should be aware of before they incorporate stock options into their business plan.


Jeremy Goldstein is a business lawyer who attended college at the University of Chicago, Cornell University, and the New York University School of Law. His education made it possible for him to become a partner at his own firm: Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. He has also been involved in several large corporate acquisition. Goldstein lended his knowledge during the Verizon and ALLTEL deal and the Duke Energy and Progress Energy deal.


Jeremy Goldstein is now seeing more and more companies deciding to end their stock option plans for employees. This change can be attributed to quite a few different reasons.


Goldstein says the most obvious reason that companies are cutting their employee stock options is simple: to cut costs. He explains that there are much more complicated reasons to end stock options as well.


Employees may be partially responsible for the decision. Goldstein explains that when a company isn’t constantly growing an employee may feel as if their stocks are worthless. Worse than that, if a company is going through a tough time, it can lower moral of the entire workforce. In summary, you shouldn’t offer stock options during tough times. Wait til your company is more successful to provide stock options to your workers.


Employers should explain the potential financial burdens to their workers. If a person isn’t careful, financial services associated with the involvement in the stock market can result in profit lose. If you don’t invest enough money into a company, the cost of financial services may outweigh the profit made from your investments.


The advantages of utilizing stock options outweigh the negatives by a long-shot. Stock options can motivate your entire workforce into being more productive. When an employee is personally invested in the company, they want the company to do better. They are no longer just working for an hourly wage, they are working to improve a company.


Providing cheaper stock options for employees is a great way to provide bonuses as well. If you were to give an employee a large bonus in cash, the tax burden for both the company and the employee would increase. With stock options, the employer doesn’t face harsher taxes. Learn more: https://thereisnoconsensus.com/jeremy-goldstein-explains-knockout-options-help-employers/