Todd Lubar: A Real Estate and Financial Guru

When passion and potential combine, success is imminent. That is what has made Todd Lubar successful in all his projects. It is his passion for helping people and the expertise in real estate that helped him in his career. See,

Todd Lubar ventured into real estate in 1995. However, his financial business career began when he joined the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It was during this period that he learned about mortgage banking. While at Crestar, he spent most of his time building his professional relationships with real estate agents, insurance agents, CPA’s and Financial partners who have provided him with great business opportunities.

In 1999, he decided to acquire an equity position with the Legacy Financial Group. His real estate business had taken a backseat for a short period, but he was able to revive it by launching the Legendary Properties in 2002. The Company focused on residential developments.

With this Company, he participated in the purchasing and rehabilitation houses and selling them for a profit. He sold both single unit and multiple family properties that afforded him the chance to build a relationship with experienced contractors.

In 2003, he opened the Charter Funding which was a subsidiary Company for the First Magnus Financial Corporation, info sourced from His desire to offer financial services to many different people led to the launch of the Legendary Financial LLC which was an affiliate of his real estate company Legendary Properties. He provided financial loans to individuals who were overlooked by the financial lending institutions.

During the financial crisis of the 2007 and 2008, the real estate market suffered a great deal, and that is when he decided to venture into other businesses. He was involved in the commercial demolition which gave him a chance to work on different government contracts. He also had an Automotive Scrap metal recycling business.

Todd Lubar loves to spend time with his family. In his free time, he likes to travel. Contact Todd Lubar, click here:


Jeffry Schneider’s Power Play: the Pros of Alternative Investment

Jeffry Schneider, a man who has made success his culture, is a well-known finance and alternative investment expert. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Jeffry Schneider is simple and straightforward than he is cryptic. His advice for emerging and established businesses is the same: exploit the alternative investment option. According to him, diversification and reduction of volatility are some of the major benefits a business can derive from alternative investments. Markets are susceptible to change. Most times, these changes come abruptly and unannounced. As a founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital, his advice is practical.

Ascendant Capital, LLC is an alternative investment firm based in Austin, Texas. Since its establishment in 2008, Ascendant Capital has raised more than $1 billion. With a wide network of agent dealers, venture advisors, and other individuals, the company has enabled the purchase of profitable tech companies, Real Estate and Car Dealerships. Before devoting his time to Ascendant Capital, Schneider worked for Merrill Lynch, Paradigm Global Advisors, Axiom Capital Management, Smith Barney, and Alex Brown and Sons among others.

With a wealth of experience gained from his long service as an executive and CEO, Jeffry Schneider lives by the maxim that no one is perfect and that failure is not the only way to learn. His encouragement to young CEOs is for them to embrace their unique personalities and be what they dream to be starting from the moment of realization onward.

Jeffry Schneider is a body fitness enthusiast. He is keen with his diet and Participates regularly in outdoor activities like marathons. He has participated in outdoor activities in Texas, New Zealand and elsewhere. As a serial ironman & half-ironman contestant, he has shared bits of wisdom about how to balance fitness with other time-consuming activities like parenting and office work. With an unmistakable regularity, he tours new places around the world, both prominent and remote.

Mr. Schneider lives in Austin, Texas. He is a father.




Talk Fusion Revolutionizes How People Share Information

Last August, Talk Fusion’s Video Chat product received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. The award came from the Technology Marketing Corporation, an integrated media giant.

The award honors exceptional products which integrate data, voice and video that came to market in the last year. Talk Fusion Video Chat enables face-to-face with anyone on any device, including desktops, tablets and cell phones. The Video Chat app is sold via iTunes and Google Play Stores.

Founder & CEO Bob Reina credited his IT team and said the next product to be released will be an All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page said the development team was efficient and innovative and that this led to the creation of “a magnificent application.”

Talk Fusion is experiencing rapid growth. It has introduced Free Trials, the WebRTC Recorder and a new site in less than a year. Talk Fusion is currently looking for new ways to help users reach and impress more customers.

Talk Fusion is the first all-in-one Video Marketing Solution and the company is dedicated to helping businesses shine brighter than the competition and keep their customers coming back. Talk Fusion’s innovative products are used in 140 countries. 30-day free trials are available to new customers.

The company was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. Talk Fusion encourages giving back to the community and donates to animal charities across the world. The free trials are available at This company is a newcomer to watch and they shrewdly let you try out their product so that you get hooked on the latest technology that enables you to leverage powerful new video tools to grow your business.