Securus Technologies Working on Inmate Welfare for Over Five Years

Securus Technologies Inc. has been well on its way towards expansion for the past couple of years. The business working in crime tech solutions and safety solutions has been strongly involved n the business of inmate communication as well.


Over the past years, Securus Technologies Inc. has been investing in a few businesses and programs. One of the largest projects that Securus Technologies is currently working on has been in progress for about five years now. Securus Technologies reached an investment of a billion dollars which is money that the company has been investing in inmate welfare programs among other things. The projects are gone along together with the company Facility Partners.


The chief executive officer and chairman of the business, Mr. Rick Smith, talked about the investments and the goals of the projects. The company of Securus Technologies Inc. believes that inmates should receive better welfare which includes education, better health care, and more availability for friends and family to visit them and socialize with them be it in person or over the phone or using video chats.


Securus Technologies Inc. invested $30 million in order to purchase and develop the company of Primonics. The company works with video visitation. Securus Technologies Inc. acquired the business to create a better and more accessible communication services for inmates and their family and friends.


Additionally, the company reduced the calling rates for their services to make it more accessible for people with smaller incomes. To help with education, Securus Technologies launched the platform called Lantern back in 2015. The Lantern platform offers tech education.


These are only a few of the projects that Securus Technologies has been working on to increase inmate welfare. The Dallas-based company has many other projects and services in the making to come out on the market next year in 2018.