Adam Milstein: Fixing the Jewish Community

The Israeli-American Council is an organization that promotes the unity and welfare of the Jewish community. It was formed in 2007 by Adam Milstein in order to push for the matters that are of interest to the Jews. The main reason it was formed was to find ways of curbing the spread of anti-Semitism and learning how the Jewish community can do a lot to strengthen the state of Israel by working together. IAC has been advocating for the education of the young Jews so that they can grow up to be proud supporters of the Jewish identity.

Adam Milstein is a proud Jew although he no longer lives in Israel. He is the one leading the Jewish-American community to learn about their true identity. The identity of the Jew is based on the Hebrew language, values, beliefs and culture of the community. A true Jew needs to identify with all these so that he or she can be proud of his or her origin.

Adam Milstein was taken aback by research that showed half of the young Jews living in the United States know very little about their origin. In fact, some have no idea where they came from. Such a group of people weakens the society since they reduce the voice when objecting to the unfair treatment of the community. There are very few people in the world who are of Jewish origin and therefore of the community needs to bring its numbers together in order to push for an agenda.

Adam Milstein is interested in bringing the unity of the Jews from all the corners of the world on the table and show that it is possible to stop the victimization of the community. Anti-Semitism deserve to be eradicated since it only poses a danger to the spread of peace and justice in the world.

Adam Milstein hopes that the efforts of the IAC will bear fruits and that supporters of anti-Semitism will be forced to quit their plans due to the solidarity that the community will have demonstrated. Milstein who also works as an investor is committed to bringing law and order in the society by building a culture of tolerance among the people of diverse origins.

Hussain Sajwani’s Relationship with Trump

Damac Properties is a construction and engineering firm that is owned by Mr. Hussain Sajwani. The company has been in operation for long in Dubai where it is headquartered as well as other countries in the Middle East. The company was established in 1976, and it has been growing from strength to strength since then.

In recent years, Hussain Sajwani has ventured into the United States where he has been working with the country’s current president’s firm, the Trump Organization. The relationship between the two real estate moguls has been outstanding for an extended period. They even celebrated the New Year’s Eve together. Hussain Sajwani, along with president Trump, has built luxury villas that have earned the two an incredible amount of money.

According to The National, the developments have been achieved despite president’s Trump submission that he wouldn’t engage in any business deals for the period that he’s in office. In response to this, Mr. Hussain Sajwani has clarified that the relationship between the two is not limited to working with Donald Trump. Hussain says that he has a good relationship with the entire Trump’s family. He, therefore, expects to continue working with Trump but through other family members who have proven to be as good as their father in business.

Mr. Hussain Sajwani is particularly happy to working with Ivanka Trump who he says that she is his wife’s friend. Ivanka has regularly visited Mr. Sajwani’s home in the past, and he admires her dedication to seeing her father’s business thrive. Hussain highlighted one instance when Ivanka was pregnant, but she remained committed to completing a deal that they were pushing until the last days towards her delivery. Mr. Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) says that Trump’s position as the president of the United States is going to strengthen their business ties. He, however, insists that he has no interests of invading into the politics of the US.

Damac Properties is the brainchild of Hussain Sajwani. The firm deals with real estate works and some of their most famous projects are in Dubai. The firm also has construction projects in other countries such as the US. Recently, the company has completed the construction of Damac Heights Tower in Dubai that is one of the most massive buildings in the country. See Sajwani’s career history.

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Steven Hicks Of Southridge Capital Shares Some Of His Views On Cryptocurrency

Southridge Capital LLC is a company led by Steven Hicks. It was founded in 1996 and is a hedge fund management firm that also offers investment banking services as well as a securities brokerage. Its office is located in Ridgefield, Connecticut and they offer their financial services to mid-sized firms across America.

Like many financial companies, the team at Southridge Capital is closely following the cryptocurrency industry. This industry is now a decade old but most people still don’t really understand what it is about. Many governmental bodies, banks, and financial institutions, though, are aware of this industries growing importance. Talking about digital currencies, U.S. Senator Thomas Carper made a statement that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have captured the interest of a number of tech-savvy individuals but the industry is pretty confusing to everyone else.

Southridge says that cryptocurrency is beginning to appear in a number of industries such as real estate and hospitality. Rick Hilton, of Hilton Hotels fame, even sold his $38 million mansion through a digital currency auction he held in June 2018. Another home was sold in Florida for $6 million earlier in 2018.

Steven Hicks says that he actively follows cryptocurrency and is interested in where the industry is headed. He feels that it is now a permanent fixture of the global economy and has a lot of room to develop. He has three decades of experience in the financial industry including investing, derivatives, financial structuring, and risk arbitrage. He earned a business administration degree at New York’s King’s College and has an MBA acquired at Fordham University.

He says that he came up with the idea of operating his own hedge fund company early on in his career. He was working on Wall Street at a small hedge fund management company that was owned and operated by a man from Australia. When the owner decided to return home he set a timetable of one year to sell off his company’ investments. Steven Hicks asked him if he wouldn’t mind if he started up his own company while continuing to work for this company and the owner gave him permission to do so. You can visit their Facebook and Twitter page.


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Jim Toner Teaching Sound And Practical Financial Advice

Looking to get to the “Top” of the real estate entrepreneurial goal? Looking to increase wealth? Well, the answers are all within this article. The insight comes in the form of a man who is a proven, successful public speaker, consultant, real estate mogul, and editor in the field of real estate. This is none other than Philanthropist and Investor, Jim toner.

Jim Toner has been in the real estate/financial realm for more than twenty five years and is the best example of how an individual can experience financial freedom, regardless of their past set-backs.

How can Someone Benefit from Jim Toner’s Business Model?

According to, Jim Toner has traveled the country, coaching individuals to financial success. Individuals have routinely been on a waiting lists to attend one of Jim toner’s seminars and have paid anywhere from 2,000 to 15,000 dollars to attend his real estate programs and benefit from his financial coaching and business model ideas. The expertise of Jim toner and his “user friendly” real estate program, takes all the worry and speculation on what road to follow.

As a noted and accomplished entrepreneur, Jim Toner said has developed a well formulated program called the 12 Little House Plan that puts individuals on the road to complete financial freedom.

What is the Benefits a Jim Toner Program?

According to, first off, what’s included in a Jim Toner program is not a cookie-cutter financial program that is a constant everywhere. What an individual will gain knowledge of, is knowing, regardless of the financial state, whether on the top or bottom, greater financial success for them is indeed possible. As someone who has experience both great wealth and tremendous financial hardships and despair then arrive at the top again.

Jim toner is indeed the greatest example of how an individual can overcome financial failure

Jim Toner coaches on having the “right” relationship with money, which others in his field may not agree with. In his assertation, individuals can develop their self-worth from their relationship with money. However, they should ever lose their wealth, they feel less of themselves. From Jim Toner’s personal experiences he teaches that failure is not fatal. An individual that goes through financial trials can have results that are life changing and they can come out on top! You should watch this vimeo video.

Dick DeVos Makes Yet Another Brilliant Move To Improve The City Of Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos has always supported plans and ideas that make his hometown of Grand Rapids a better place to live in. As an entrepreneur and supporter of the Republican party in the state of Michigan, he has done his best to get behind the right projects that will do so. There have been many great ideas put forward that would move Grand Rapids forward but not every idea is a winner. He has learned this through experience and followed his gut when he decided to start lobbying against a plan that was being proposed to construct a sports and convention arena in the city of Grand Rapids.


For Dick DeVos, the problem wasn’t with the arena itself but where it was located and what it was being dedicated to. He was a live when the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills was constructed, and he saw how detrimental it had been to the city of Detroit when the sports teams it was built for vacated Detroit during the 1970s. During his campaign to convince the city to not build the arena, he was a leading part of the building of Grand Action. This organization is comprised of business leaders who have been responsible for many other buildings in the city that have improved it in a spread of different ways.


Dick DeVos is also a passionate pilot who was recently chosen to be a member of the Management Advisory Council, which oversees the Federal Aviation Administration. He joined six other new members and will now help to advise the senior management of the organization. He will be a part of the Management Advisory Council for 3 years and will continue to serve in his other private and public positions. In the past, Dick DeVos has served as the CEO of Amway and is now the company’s president. He is also the CEO of The Windquest Group and also serves the world as a philanthropist through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation.


As a supporter of educational reform, Dick DeVos started up the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a charter school he founded in 2010 that focuses on preparing younger students to work in the aviation sector. The school is located within Grand Rapid’s Gerald R. Ford Airport and has grown rapidly over the years. Dick has also supported the educational sector through large donations and hopes to see the United States become a place where its children can afford to go to a school of their family’s choosing.


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Hussain Sajwani The DAMAC Owner with a Heart of Gold

is known for its skyscrapers and the beautiful buildings, but it was not always so. In the past two decades, Dubai has become one of the leading property markets, and its demand has increased to a great level. One of the leading property companies is a DAMAC properties that is the largest property companies in the Middle East. The reason for the growth of the company is due to the vision of its owner and current chairman Hussain Sajwani. He has managed to identify the need of the industry and offered exactly what the people are looking for. He also ensures that the customers of the company are able to get the best service possible.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani was not always in the property industry. He grew up in a middle-class family that owned a small family business. During his school days, he used to help his parents and his brother to run the business. After DAMAC owner went to study in the US, he always wanted to start his own business. He began by selling time-share apartments to people. The money he earned from it was later used as the capital for his catering business that he started after he completed his graduation. It was later that he saw potential in the property market in the UAE and decided to start there. In an article published at Saudi Projects, he said that he started with developing small hotels first and then moved to build high rises in Dubai. Soon, his company took off and became one of the top property development companies that can be attributed to developing Dubai as a popular investment market.

Apart from running the property business, DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani also believes in working for the future of the younger generation. Recently he became part of the One Million Arab Coders initiative by the UAE government. The initiative will allow providing the participants with the skills and the capabilities of coders to develop software. Since the youth today are the future of the country, it is essential that they are imparted with skills that are in high demand today. Hussain Sajwani has contributed to the initiative through its DAMAC Foundation.

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Ryan Seacrest: Making A Wave Of Great Choices In Show Business

In these days and times, Ryan Seacrest is living the high life in New York City. Seacrest is having a wonderful career in show business, and because of a long stream of prestigious corporations hiring Ryan, there is a resume on file to prove it. Due to the amounts of moments spent on the craft of entertainment, Ryan Seacrest lands hosting gigs like no other in the spotlight. On some occasions, Seacrest takes a break to regroup and think about the next best plans. Not to mention that Ryan Seacrest is looking to be wed, the show host and actor knows that at some point in one’s life and career, you have to choose happiness outside of your profession.

Recently, Ryan Seacrest landed a hosting job opposite of Kelly Ripa. Once finished there, Seacrest reports to a nationally-syndicated radio station. When hosting on tv and on radio, Ryan Seacrest talks about celebrity news, music, movies, and rumors.

If Ryan Seacrest feels stressed, it is a sign that there needs to be a break to head to the gym with a personal trainer. Most typically mornings, Ryan walks to enjoy the sunrise before going to the gym by noon. Seacrest doesn’t like to brag about having a successful career. In most cases, Ryan feels that people will become jealous of the fact that there’s no normal 9 to 5 for the celebrity.

In the next few years, according to, Ryan Seacrest may create a talk show on television that’s focused on rock stars and models. For Ryan, it won’t be a problem with getting a celebrity on the show for an interview or a musical performance. In the meanwhile, Seacrest will enjoy New York City while hosting with Ripa on “Live With Kelly And Ryan” plus taking care of business in the industry for a brighter future. In hopes of helping someone else’s life, Ryan has a charity foundation well-known in New York City. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation focuses on helping the youth use their talents to become a professional actor or entertainer.

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Infinity Group Australia Changes How People Are Viewing Finances

In 2013 Grome Holme and his partner Rebecca Walker spent months trying to figure out how to solve the financial problems of Australian families. Grome had noticed that many families were living paycheck to paycheck and only paid the minimum on their loans. The banks do not receive any incentive to help people make better financial choices. Grome thought he could help families by making a personal trainer for fiance. Just like the personal trainers in a gym, this person could help guide and keep families on track. Grome created Infinity Group Australia.


The financial group started small working in Rebecca’s Nan and pops house. Infinity Group Australia has grown quickly over the years. The group works to help people with debt reduction, wealth creation, property investments and retirement. In 2018 they have offices in Bella Vista, Cronulla, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Port Macquarie. They have also won several awards including Customer Experience management in 2018, and Number 13 of the top 100 MPA in 2017.


Infinity Group Australia can contribute their success to the way they do business. From the moment a client walks through the door, they are treated in a welcoming and friendly manner. Across multiple meetings, Infinity Group Australia works with their clients to find their financial goals and a workable budget. The financial group gives the client a debit card for essential spending and manages the investments and savings of the client. Then the client is meet with once a month to receive a performance report that tells them if they are meeting their financial goals, and how to fix any problems. They also receive six detailed reports every month.


This method has shown good results. On average a person with a 30-year loan could repay that loan in seven to ten years. Some people have had even better results. One family using Infinity Group Australia was able to their debt by 96,271 in just 12 months.


The customers have left good reviews about Infinity Group Australia despite its tough love approach. The families say they enjoy how Infinity Group Australia educates them and helps them receive their financial goals. Looking at financial workers as personal trainers to help people receive their financial goals may be the best way to help families all over Australia. Learn more :