Celia Leslie Showcases Lime Crime products

Lime Crime has grown to be a highly famous company, not just because of its profits and sales, but also due to its social media following. Products by the firm have always been color-rich, bright and daring, colors anyone could find difficult to ignore. Doe Deere, the founder, and CEO of the makeup company is equally brilliant and bold. She expresses herself mainly through makeup and her fashion. She created the company primarily as a means to explore the world of bold makeup. Lime Crime filled a significant gap in the makeup world and gave many people what they wanted about colors.


One of the latest and most exciting products by Doe Deere is the Velvetines, a lip line that is no match for other products in the market. The product comes with a shiny, smooth and glossy wand like that of a lip gloss. The difference is that it dries easily and lasts for as long as a day. It will not budge you if you want to take it off at the middle of the day. The product has been tested to be kiss and food proof, retaining its original color throughout the day.

YouTube celebrity Celia Leslie has been at the front in advertising Lime Crime’s products. She recently made a video where she included top Velvetines in the market. She mentioned products such as cashmere, squash, and Teddy Bear. The Cashmere that comes with a light gray color was the first product she used on her lips. The product creates a beautiful light gray color to skin. It looked like the average nude lip only with a grayish blue hue. Her light hair and light skin tone resulted in the most dramatic look.


Squash created a bright orange and dip color, resembling a cross between squash and pumpkin color. Celia Leslie looked had a lot of fun with the color and seemed well pleased with it. The Teddy Bear color created a lilac brown skin effect with a soft brown color. It was perfect for anyone starting out with the bold fashion. The glossy nature of the Brown created an exciting element of the dull color.  Check out some of the images of Lime Crime models on Instagram, showcasing these new looks.  Or you can also shop them for yourself on Amazon.