How Reputation Management Has Helped Other Public Figures

In a world where what you say matters, this couldn’t be more true than what happened at the Academy Awards several weeks ago when somebody said the wrong name. It’s happened before with Steve Harvey and others in the world of announcing the winner of something. It’s a tough thing to deal with. It’s a struggle and a lot of pressure to be the one in charge of announcing something so special. The Best Actor Award was announced to be somebody else. This incident was caused because of one person’s human error when tabulating the votes. PwC has an employee partner part of their team who screwed this up, and their mishap took their brand down the drain. They lost a lot of credibility because of this incident heard around the world.

Now they are trying to build their credibility back to the top of where it was. They worked with something as huge as the Academy Awards, but now they are questioning their ability to be in such a huge respect of an agency to work with them again. They will soon be working with reputation management to get their name back on track and overcome such an issue. Steve Harvey had to do the same thing. He needed to guide his career back after what had happened. He needed to learn how to apologize to the name he called out as the winner of Miss Universe and also apologized to Miss Philippines. It was quite the ruckus and something that he had to overcome.

After doing the right work, he got his name back on top and overcome the struggle of his mistakes. Today as reveals, this can happen to ordinary people, executives and public figures, and even businesses and corporations. A single mistake caused by human error can break a person and their reputation or even a company’s brand name. Your reputation plays a huge role on how others see your company. The key is to know how to protect your brand and know how to be at your ultimate best. It’s about maintaining your reputation to be at its highest.