A “Beneful” Match

If Beneful dog food is on your shopping list you can now purchase it at Walmart. Walmart has all the Beneful dog food for all dogs and their needs. Walmart carries a wide selection of dry, wet, and healthy weight formula dog food. They even carry dog food for young puppies, small dogs, large dogs, adult dogs, and even those dogs who are overweight.

BenefulWalmart has a variety of food dogs love and you can buy them all at Walmart with prices ranging from $1.77 to $40.09.

You can find Beneful wet dog food starting at $1.77 to $21.44, and dry formula starting at $2.70 to $40.09.

Beneful has a dry dog food formula that contains real salmon. Walmart carries the dry formula in three bag sizes, a 3.5 lb. bag for $5.04, a 15.5 lb. bag for $13.98, and a 31.1 lb. bag for $26.98. They also carry three wet dog food formulas, also with real salmon. The first size comes in a 3 oz. can for $1.77, and two tub sizes, one 10 oz. tub for $1.77, and a package of 8 tubs, (10 oz. each) for $17.53.

Walmart also carries Beneful’s healthy weight formulas with real turkey and chicken, no sugar added formula, and one that’s grain free. These healthy formulas contain a variety of ingredients like brown rice, carrots, spinach, green beans, eggs, tomatoes, wild rice and sweet potatoes.

You can find several farm-raised chicken formulas, and dog food made with other ingredients like lamb, liver, apples, peanut butter and even shortbread. Walmart carries Beneful’s gourmet style dog foods, which includes, Romano, Mediterranean, and Tuscany.

Walmart also sells other Beneful products, for instance a formula for a dogs’ dental health, along with one made for the healthy growth of puppies, and a variety of dog treats.

Walmart rolls back prices and has store wide specials every day, including some for Beneful’s dog food products. They also have an online price match for items bought from other online retailers, any in-stock products, or items brought from a different Walmart store. Coupons are accepted at all Walmart stores, but unfortunately not at its’ online store.