OSI Group Has Been Going Strong For More Than A Century

OSI Group is what the company was always known as and at first it was a tiny little meat shop that was started up in Chicago by a German Immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. Otto had dreams for his company, but nothing compared to what he would achieve over the next several decades. For the first few decades at the company, growth was small but steady. Otto eventually brought his sons in to help with the company as it had become bigger over time. Eventually, Otto & Sons, as it was known back then, built a professional relationship with McDonald’s and became their primary patty supplier for their restaurants around the country.

This small opportunity managed to be one of the biggest turning points for the company, allowing them to become national and not long after an international company. By the 1970’s, once the company was able to utilize new food preservation techniques, they are skyrocketing to an even higher level of success, which is why they needed to bring in some extra help. Sheldon Lavin was added to the team as part of the financial department, mostly as an advisor to help the company make proper investments and financial choices. Sheldon ended up becoming the CEO for Otto & Sons, which is when he changed the name of the company to OSI Group. This name change was approved by Otto and his sons since it was a way to refresh the companies image in the food market.

After Sheldon took over the company, he set his sights on global expansion and OSI Group quickly started adding new locations to its list. Soon OSI Group was expanding to Spain and Europe as well as many more countries over the years. OSI Group started out as a small meat market, but today they provide a wide variety of different food on top of meats, including pastry, poultry, vegetables, milk, and more.