Securus Technologies Working on Inmate Welfare for Over Five Years

Securus Technologies Inc. has been well on its way towards expansion for the past couple of years. The business working in crime tech solutions and safety solutions has been strongly involved n the business of inmate communication as well.


Over the past years, Securus Technologies Inc. has been investing in a few businesses and programs. One of the largest projects that Securus Technologies is currently working on has been in progress for about five years now. Securus Technologies reached an investment of a billion dollars which is money that the company has been investing in inmate welfare programs among other things. The projects are gone along together with the company Facility Partners.


The chief executive officer and chairman of the business, Mr. Rick Smith, talked about the investments and the goals of the projects. The company of Securus Technologies Inc. believes that inmates should receive better welfare which includes education, better health care, and more availability for friends and family to visit them and socialize with them be it in person or over the phone or using video chats.


Securus Technologies Inc. invested $30 million in order to purchase and develop the company of Primonics. The company works with video visitation. Securus Technologies Inc. acquired the business to create a better and more accessible communication services for inmates and their family and friends.


Additionally, the company reduced the calling rates for their services to make it more accessible for people with smaller incomes. To help with education, Securus Technologies launched the platform called Lantern back in 2015. The Lantern platform offers tech education.


These are only a few of the projects that Securus Technologies has been working on to increase inmate welfare. The Dallas-based company has many other projects and services in the making to come out on the market next year in 2018.



Rick Smith’s Ideas And Strategies Are A Recipe For Success

Securus Technologies has developed more than 800 products for law enforcement and the correctional facilities. The company invested a staggering $600 million to development new products. The last three years they acquired, designed and built more efficient, security and safety products that number in the hundreds. Rick wanted a sales team that would have the knowledge to effectively sell their new products. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies Inc. And brought his background in telecommunications and various high-tech software programs, acute sales acumen and leadership abilities.

He’s held various positions in the Global Crossing North America Inc, from 1972 until 1998.

The Eschelon Telecom Inc hired him as a CEO from 1998 until 2000 and then promoted him to President and COO from 2000 until 2003.

In December of 2015, John Bell joined Securus Technologies as the new Senior Vice President of Sales and became part of the Leadership Team. John has a sales team of 100 people, 30 of them are on the street gathering data for the company.

The goal of the new sales team is to thoroughly promote Securus Technologies.

* To develop a top notch sales associate training program.

* Personally, visit the client’s on a monthly basis.

* Use the full potential of the Securus Technology Center and give presentations.

* Present the product to the right person who can make purchase decisions.

* Show the comparison and contrast of the Securus Technology product.

John has been in the sales industry for 35 years studying and putting into practice different strategies to sell the new tech products of this century. He helped people to become better salespersons, understand the sales process, and increased the growth of the company.

John worked for IBM, Time Warner Cable, AT7T, NIT Verio, and Verizon. He is a graduate of Holy Cross, with postgraduate studies at the Kellogg School of Management, and the Wharton School of Business.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas Texas. The company designs technology that can be used by prison inmates and the staff of correction institutions. Rick Smith Securus currently employs more than one thousand people. The company has contracts with more than 2,600 facilities in the United States, and serve more than 2,200 across Canada and the United States.

Securus Technologies is a leader in the safety industry

It happens on a regular basis that Securus Technologies is creating better ways to control crime and protect the public. Their abilities and expertise impress many people around the globe. When they set out to complete a job, they do so to the highest standards. Their employees are dedicated professionals, and they have the abilities to do more than employees at other safety companies. That is why this company is the leader in the field.


Their latest contribution to fighting crime and protecting the people is the creation of the Wireless Containment Solution. The Wireless Containment Solution was made in order to stop crime that are being initiated in correction facilities. The inmates in the jails were using cell phones and devices on the networks in order to enlist the help of people on the outside to commit crimes. The technology finds the inmates that are doing this, and they are punished. Devices and cell phones that are being used for this purpose are taken away. The facilities are excited about how well the technology is working, and Securus Technologies is very proud to have been of such help.


Since many people have never seen their company, they have invited them to Dallas, TX for a tour and presentation of the business unit there. The people will be able to see what they are working at the time, and they can ask questions about what the technology is going to use for. It is a great way for the company to touch base with the person that is helping on a daily basis all around the country.


They are a company that is sought after all over the nation, and they are known the world over. The government uses them all the time for work that they need done. They are a company creates new technology for the safety sector on a weekly basis. The company works in the civil and criminal sectors of justice to keep the people safe. Into the future, the company will create even more technologies and techniques that can be used to better the earth.



Talk Fusion Revolutionizes How People Share Information

Last August, Talk Fusion’s Video Chat product received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. The award came from the Technology Marketing Corporation, an integrated media giant.

The award honors exceptional products which integrate data, voice and video that came to market in the last year. Talk Fusion Video Chat enables face-to-face with anyone on any device, including desktops, tablets and cell phones. The Video Chat app is sold via iTunes and Google Play Stores.

Founder & CEO Bob Reina credited his IT team and said the next product to be released will be an All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page said the development team was efficient and innovative and that this led to the creation of “a magnificent application.”

Talk Fusion is experiencing rapid growth. It has introduced Free Trials, the WebRTC Recorder and a new site in less than a year. Talk Fusion is currently looking for new ways to help users reach and impress more customers.

Talk Fusion is the first all-in-one Video Marketing Solution and the company is dedicated to helping businesses shine brighter than the competition and keep their customers coming back. Talk Fusion’s innovative products are used in 140 countries. 30-day free trials are available to new customers.

The company was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. Talk Fusion encourages giving back to the community and donates to animal charities across the world. The free trials are available at This company is a newcomer to watch and they shrewdly let you try out their product so that you get hooked on the latest technology that enables you to leverage powerful new video tools to grow your business.

Securus Technologies Publishes Customer Comments About Safety Services

CEO of Securus Rick Smith stated that weekly the company invents or improves upon the technologies that helps protect staff and improve inmate/ family communication. Securus receives thousands of personal and buziness emails regarding Securus Technologies and how their technology increases safety, security, and is instrumental in preventing and solving crime.


Here are a couple of quoted excerpts from the original press release:


“For well over a decade now, our correctional facility has relied upon the technology solutions offered by Securus. It is encouraging to see that our vendor of choice is committed to both revolutionizing the incarceration environment and progressively helping us to improve public safety in our jurisdiction.”


“I recently listened to an inmate to inmate call and heard two siblings talking along with the mother on the outside. The older sibling is telling the younger sibling, who has never been in trouble, exactly what to say when questioned about a recent shooting. These conversations will be instrumental in solving the case.”


Securus Technologies are located in Dallas, Texas and specialize in emergency response, incident management, investigation, biometric analysis, information management, and inmate self service for 1,200,000 inmates and over 3400 facilities across the nation. To read more about the customer comments, please click here.