Israel Ambassador Daniel Taub and His Achievements as He Retires

In every relationship, there is a mutually beneficial reason that holds and steers the relationship. Relationships can be between countries, individuals, families or different corporate institutions. The common denominator in all relationships is the existing common interests that brought the two parties together. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

The relationship between Israeli and Britain has been cemented once again by the good work that Ambassador Daniel Taub has been doing for the past four years. As his term comes to an end, Daniel is confident that he has represented his country well and has solidified the relationship between Israel and the U.K. He has enhanced ties through academic relations and integration, business, and cultural links.

According to the Israeli embassy, Ambassador Daniel Taub is retiring this summer. During his time, trade between Israel and the U.K has doubled. Over 300 Israeli businesses are now operating in the U.K.

According to Javid, who is the British Secretary of State for business, innovation and skills, this period where trade relations between the U.K and Israeli has doubled can be referred to as the “golden era”. According to him, the annual bilateral trade is estimated to be around $7 billion.

Bloomberg revealed that although Daniel Taub was born in the U.K, he had to renounce his U.K citizenship in 2001 when he became the Israeli ambassador. Daniel has also worked as a peace negotiator. He has been a fearless leader who has tirelessly worked to see that every person has the freedom to express their opinions without fear or intimidation.

In 2012, Taub noticed the dull atmosphere in campuses and colleges as students adopted a boycott of Israel. In 2014, he visited Bradford after the area MP, George Galloway, went public to declare the city an Israeli free zone. Daniel Taub went there to speak with local leaders as well as religious leaders on behalf of all the Israelis. The main aim was the establishment of a peaceful co-existence.

Daniel Taub was born in Great Britain back in 1962 but later moved to Israel in 1989. He was a student at University College in Oxford, at University College in London. He also studied at Harvard University.

When in Israel, Daniel served in the Israel defense forces as a medic. He has worked as diplomat since 1991 representing Israel. He served as the Israel ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2015, a tenure that was marked with great success. He is currently the Director of Strategy and Planning of the Yad Hanadiv Foundation.