The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Has Made Impressive Steps in Decongesting Austin

Mike Heiligenstein is the leading man at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He is a man whose day job includes initiating strategies that could define the future of toll roads in Texas. Toll roads are pay-for-use roads that are aimed at mobilizing road maintenance resources.

Some of the roads that Central Texas Regional Authority has been able to build the State Highway 130 whose initiative is to decongest Austin, Texas. Toll roads provide an alternative way of decongesting cities. They provide additional funding that is imperative given that infrastructural projects such as roads are capital intensive.

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has been able to record tremendous success in building toll roads. In Austin, Texas the authority has been able to pull together public resources amounting to $1 billion in construction money.

Some of the notable projects that the administration has seamlessly executed to completion while relying on revenue from generated the toll roads include the last extension of 183A road.

The investor confidence in the viability of toll roads is impressive given that the last project offering of the authority attracted over $300 million in funding.

The project saw the embedding of fiber lanes along the path so that in future, the technology can redirect cars that are going in the wrong direction. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The agency forged a working relationship with Metropia and has been able to develop an app that could have a great impact in decongesting Austin. The app uses traffic information from the agency to give real-time updates to commuters on the status of each road.

Mike Heiligenstein’s work at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority stands out for all to see. The Authority is an independent government institution that is tasked with the responsibility of identifying the infrastructural needs of Texas.

He had a successful civil service stint at the Round Rock City Council before joining the management ranks at Williamson County as a commissioner. He has overseen the success of various infrastructural projects such as the Brushy Creek Regional Trail.

Mike also doubles up as an impressive public speaker who’s called upon to speak in forums on challenges facing the infrastructure sector and relevant solutions.