Adam Milstein: Fixing the Jewish Community

The Israeli-American Council is an organization that promotes the unity and welfare of the Jewish community. It was formed in 2007 by Adam Milstein in order to push for the matters that are of interest to the Jews. The main reason it was formed was to find ways of curbing the spread of anti-Semitism and learning how the Jewish community can do a lot to strengthen the state of Israel by working together. IAC has been advocating for the education of the young Jews so that they can grow up to be proud supporters of the Jewish identity.

Adam Milstein is a proud Jew although he no longer lives in Israel. He is the one leading the Jewish-American community to learn about their true identity. The identity of the Jew is based on the Hebrew language, values, beliefs and culture of the community. A true Jew needs to identify with all these so that he or she can be proud of his or her origin.

Adam Milstein was taken aback by research that showed half of the young Jews living in the United States know very little about their origin. In fact, some have no idea where they came from. Such a group of people weakens the society since they reduce the voice when objecting to the unfair treatment of the community. There are very few people in the world who are of Jewish origin and therefore of the community needs to bring its numbers together in order to push for an agenda.

Adam Milstein is interested in bringing the unity of the Jews from all the corners of the world on the table and show that it is possible to stop the victimization of the community. Anti-Semitism deserve to be eradicated since it only poses a danger to the spread of peace and justice in the world.

Adam Milstein hopes that the efforts of the IAC will bear fruits and that supporters of anti-Semitism will be forced to quit their plans due to the solidarity that the community will have demonstrated. Milstein who also works as an investor is committed to bringing law and order in the society by building a culture of tolerance among the people of diverse origins.

Dick DeVos Makes Yet Another Brilliant Move To Improve The City Of Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos has always supported plans and ideas that make his hometown of Grand Rapids a better place to live in. As an entrepreneur and supporter of the Republican party in the state of Michigan, he has done his best to get behind the right projects that will do so. There have been many great ideas put forward that would move Grand Rapids forward but not every idea is a winner. He has learned this through experience and followed his gut when he decided to start lobbying against a plan that was being proposed to construct a sports and convention arena in the city of Grand Rapids.


For Dick DeVos, the problem wasn’t with the arena itself but where it was located and what it was being dedicated to. He was a live when the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills was constructed, and he saw how detrimental it had been to the city of Detroit when the sports teams it was built for vacated Detroit during the 1970s. During his campaign to convince the city to not build the arena, he was a leading part of the building of Grand Action. This organization is comprised of business leaders who have been responsible for many other buildings in the city that have improved it in a spread of different ways.


Dick DeVos is also a passionate pilot who was recently chosen to be a member of the Management Advisory Council, which oversees the Federal Aviation Administration. He joined six other new members and will now help to advise the senior management of the organization. He will be a part of the Management Advisory Council for 3 years and will continue to serve in his other private and public positions. In the past, Dick DeVos has served as the CEO of Amway and is now the company’s president. He is also the CEO of The Windquest Group and also serves the world as a philanthropist through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation.


As a supporter of educational reform, Dick DeVos started up the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a charter school he founded in 2010 that focuses on preparing younger students to work in the aviation sector. The school is located within Grand Rapid’s Gerald R. Ford Airport and has grown rapidly over the years. Dick has also supported the educational sector through large donations and hopes to see the United States become a place where its children can afford to go to a school of their family’s choosing.


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