Eric Lefkofsky Educates The Press About His True Nature

Eric Lefkofksy is an entrepreneur, community leader, and philanthropist who has been a part of many different successful companies. Like many other successful individuals, he starts his day early around 5am and gets to work by 6am. He takes some smaller breaks during the day to eat and workout but fits as much work as possible into the rest of his day. Once he gets home, he does his best to shut down the work part of his brain, but it is hard due to the fact that he has 11,000 employees under him to take care of. Since he runs companies that do business all over the world, there is always something happening that could use his attention.

While he was exclusively working with Groupon, in the past, he enjoyed having one business to focus on. Nowadays, he has plenty more on his plate, but he manages to take care of all of his business ventures with a commitment to each of their missions. In interviews, he has admitted that as a younger man he was inspired by the business world for financial reasons. Now, he finds that he has all of the money he could ever need and focuses on helping as many people as possible. He does this through his own efforts and through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that was founded by his wife, Liz, and himself.

Eric Lefkofsky has discovered that there is no way a successful businessman can stay out of the press. He does his best to keep certain aspects of his life private but has opened up in other ways. In the past, he feels that the press has treated him unfairly by publishing inaccuracies and other incomplete information about him and his businesses, but he works to focus on the here and now by keeping that in the past. One of the largest misconceptions was that he had made a mistake investing in technology during the 2000 tech bubble burst, but the truth was that no one back then knew when that was going to take place. Since then, he has done more than recover and now finds himself in an elite category of successful entrepreneurs who are working to make the world a brighter place.

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