Lacey and Larkin Pledges Money Won in Court to Assisting Human Right Groups: An Invaluable Lesson for Activists against Racism

The self-centered and money-driven individuals will call Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin stupid for the magnanimity of dedicating money won in court to assisting human right groups in Arizona and its environs.

The good news is that this singular act is not only enlarging their fans-base, but it is also invigorating the resolution of many to give whatever is required in ensuring a stop to all forms of racism both in the United States and the world at large. Lacey and Larkin count this a better reward than having the fattest bank accounts in the world. Do not crucify them for this; they cannot do otherwise; it is just the stuff they are made of.

Both men are reputable journalists. They co-founded Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. The incidence in question happened while the two gentlemen were at their duty post. News concerning the gruesome atrocities of County Sheriff Joe Arpaio came in; it was a case of blatant abuse of rights of innocent and helpless individuals. To make matters worse, a grand jury maneuvering was underway to bury the atrocities and prevent justice catching up with the County.

Here was an opportunity to deal a decisive blow on a chronic human rights violator, which will serve as a deterrent to other people planning to carryout similar mischievous acts against their fellow citizens. Both men seize the opportunity by reporting the incidence to appropriate quarters for investigation and prosecution if need be.

The County, through his findings, discovered that Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were responsible for the leakage. He unlawfully sent men to brutalize and bundle these journalists out of their homes late into the night. Both men had to take the matter to United State Court of Appeal. The filed case included a $3.75 million demand for the physical assault they suffered.

The big one was what Lacey and Larkin decided to do with money won in court. They did not forward it to their personal bank accounts rather they dedicate it to providing financial assistance to civil liberty organizations in and outside Arizona.

This action is still generating applause in the United States and far beyond. Even people criticizing the initial actions of Lacey and Larkin have had to come to the open to sing their praise.

Funds are needed to successfully fight racism and other forms of discrimination against colored people. This financial assistance is not likely to come from the perpetrators and supporters of these atrocities. Activists who are members of groups like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) will have to take a large share of the responsibility.

The starting point is recognizing the need to make more funds available and then taking the necessary sacrifices to ensure it availability with proper accountability in place. The best way to appreciate what Lacey and Larkin did is to emulate their magnanimity and desire to see people live in liberty and violators adequately punished.