Hussain Sajwani’s Relationship with Trump

Damac Properties is a construction and engineering firm that is owned by Mr. Hussain Sajwani. The company has been in operation for long in Dubai where it is headquartered as well as other countries in the Middle East. The company was established in 1976, and it has been growing from strength to strength since then.

In recent years, Hussain Sajwani has ventured into the United States where he has been working with the country’s current president’s firm, the Trump Organization. The relationship between the two real estate moguls has been outstanding for an extended period. They even celebrated the New Year’s Eve together. Hussain Sajwani, along with president Trump, has built luxury villas that have earned the two an incredible amount of money.

According to The National, the developments have been achieved despite president’s Trump submission that he wouldn’t engage in any business deals for the period that he’s in office. In response to this, Mr. Hussain Sajwani has clarified that the relationship between the two is not limited to working with Donald Trump. Hussain says that he has a good relationship with the entire Trump’s family. He, therefore, expects to continue working with Trump but through other family members who have proven to be as good as their father in business.

Mr. Hussain Sajwani is particularly happy to working with Ivanka Trump who he says that she is his wife’s friend. Ivanka has regularly visited Mr. Sajwani’s home in the past, and he admires her dedication to seeing her father’s business thrive. Hussain highlighted one instance when Ivanka was pregnant, but she remained committed to completing a deal that they were pushing until the last days towards her delivery. Mr. Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) says that Trump’s position as the president of the United States is going to strengthen their business ties. He, however, insists that he has no interests of invading into the politics of the US.

Damac Properties is the brainchild of Hussain Sajwani. The firm deals with real estate works and some of their most famous projects are in Dubai. The firm also has construction projects in other countries such as the US. Recently, the company has completed the construction of Damac Heights Tower in Dubai that is one of the most massive buildings in the country. See Sajwani’s career history.

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