Infinity Group Australia Changes How People Are Viewing Finances

In 2013 Grome Holme and his partner Rebecca Walker spent months trying to figure out how to solve the financial problems of Australian families. Grome had noticed that many families were living paycheck to paycheck and only paid the minimum on their loans. The banks do not receive any incentive to help people make better financial choices. Grome thought he could help families by making a personal trainer for fiance. Just like the personal trainers in a gym, this person could help guide and keep families on track. Grome created Infinity Group Australia.


The financial group started small working in Rebecca’s Nan and pops house. Infinity Group Australia has grown quickly over the years. The group works to help people with debt reduction, wealth creation, property investments and retirement. In 2018 they have offices in Bella Vista, Cronulla, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Port Macquarie. They have also won several awards including Customer Experience management in 2018, and Number 13 of the top 100 MPA in 2017.


Infinity Group Australia can contribute their success to the way they do business. From the moment a client walks through the door, they are treated in a welcoming and friendly manner. Across multiple meetings, Infinity Group Australia works with their clients to find their financial goals and a workable budget. The financial group gives the client a debit card for essential spending and manages the investments and savings of the client. Then the client is meet with once a month to receive a performance report that tells them if they are meeting their financial goals, and how to fix any problems. They also receive six detailed reports every month.


This method has shown good results. On average a person with a 30-year loan could repay that loan in seven to ten years. Some people have had even better results. One family using Infinity Group Australia was able to their debt by 96,271 in just 12 months.


The customers have left good reviews about Infinity Group Australia despite its tough love approach. The families say they enjoy how Infinity Group Australia educates them and helps them receive their financial goals. Looking at financial workers as personal trainers to help people receive their financial goals may be the best way to help families all over Australia. Learn more :