Organizations that have positively influenced the quality of human rights


Human right is an area that has been widely considered in the history of the world. The quality of the rights is another topic that has not been given much attention. Different organizations come with the idea of giving helping people with their rights but how it is done is not clear.

There are very few organizations that have indicated the quality of their services and how it has affected the fight against human rights violation.

The organizations have dedicated their courses to specific problems which face the society currently. Some of the groups do not participate in the direct demonstrations, but they offer financial aid to the other organizations that fight for the rights of the others.

The example of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were victims of a system which was very unfair. In Arizona, the journalists have the freedom to speech and expression. The same citizens are in a position to understand that people can be hurt with their expressions.

When there is a rot in the state that should be exposed, any individual has a right to do that. The journalists exposed the rots in the county of Maricopa. The sheriff of Maricopa County took the information personally, and this pushed him to manhandle the journalists against the laws of the state.

The compensation and Frontera Fund

The case went on for a couple of weeks, and when the verdict came out,  Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were compensated $3.75 million. After having the experience of human rights violations, Jim and Michael vowed to help the other citizens to fight their course. For this reason, the duo donated the compensation towards the work of supporting human rights movements.

The money was given to different organizations within Arizona. Currently, the journalists have equally created an environment where more people can come out and support the course such movements. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The Amazon watch

Usually, many human rights groups focus on the minority groups that they forget about the cries of the other people. The immigrants and the LGBT have taken the major part of the available sympathy. The Amazon watch operates on a different ground. There are people who suffer because of the conditions of the world.

Most people who live in the rural areas are always tired of the towns and their busy environments. Some companies are setting their industries in the rural areas, and this could endanger the lives of the locals. The Amazon watch works in conjunction with other organizations to ensure that such plans do not work.

Detention watch network

The population of the American prisons is rapidly increasing. Thousands of people are arrested daily, and most of the prisons are getting congested. Because of the congestion, people have found it hard to live comfortably. The standards of the American prisons are deteriorating day by day.

The Detention Watch Network ensures that all the inmates are treated well. The organization is dedicated to offering services where there is no mistreatment of the inmates. The state of the prisons is constantly put in check to ensure quality operations.

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