Talos Energy Helping with Oil Exporation in Mexico

Mexico has reformed their oil industry and now, for the first time in 80 years, a private company is drilling an oil well in Mexican waters. It’s the country’s latest step in their move to reenergize their energy markets by allowing foreign competitors to participate. Beginning in 1938 when Mexico nationalized their oil industry, only state-run Petroleos Mexicanos did offshore oil exploration in the country. Now Houston’s Talos Energy LLC and Premier Oil Plc,a London-based company, are involved in a joint venture with Mexican company Sierra Oil & Gas to drill the Zama-1 oil well.

Work on the well off Mexico’s Tabasco state in the Sureste Basin began May 21. It is expected to be completed in 90 days and cost $16 million. The amount of crude oil the well is estimated to hold is between 100 and 500 million barrels. The companies won prospecting rights during the first round of the bidding process in 2015. Talos Energy will operate the well and own a 35% stake. Premier will control 25% and Sierra controls 40% of the venture. The chance of geological success of the project is high and the energy industry is paying close attention to this most interesting oil exploration project.

Talos Energy LLC was founded by Tim Duncan and a group of oil industry veterans. They had developed and sold Phoenix Exploration and invested $600 million in Talos Energy. The Talos Energy team have a combined decades of experience successfully doing projects in the Gulf of Mexico. It also combines over 60 Houston-based professionals, dozens of experienced field operators and innovative technology. The dynamic energy company employs some of the brightest minds in the industry to handle exploration and production

But Talos Energy is more than just a company focused on oil exploration, it is also a great place to work. While the company offers exciting opportunities for innovative work in the energy industry, it also offers competitive benefits, flexible work schedules and promotes work/life balance. That has helped make Talos Energy a great place to work. It has been voted a top workplace several times.

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A “Beneful” Match

If Beneful dog food is on your shopping list you can now purchase it at Walmart. Walmart has all the Beneful dog food for all dogs and their needs. Walmart carries a wide selection of dry, wet, and healthy weight formula dog food. They even carry dog food for young puppies, small dogs, large dogs, adult dogs, and even those dogs who are overweight.

BenefulWalmart has a variety of food dogs love and you can buy them all at Walmart with prices ranging from $1.77 to $40.09.

You can find Beneful wet dog food starting at $1.77 to $21.44, and dry formula starting at $2.70 to $40.09.

Beneful has a dry dog food formula that contains real salmon. Walmart carries the dry formula in three bag sizes, a 3.5 lb. bag for $5.04, a 15.5 lb. bag for $13.98, and a 31.1 lb. bag for $26.98. They also carry three wet dog food formulas, also with real salmon. The first size comes in a 3 oz. can for $1.77, and two tub sizes, one 10 oz. tub for $1.77, and a package of 8 tubs, (10 oz. each) for $17.53.

Walmart also carries Beneful’s healthy weight formulas with real turkey and chicken, no sugar added formula, and one that’s grain free. These healthy formulas contain a variety of ingredients like brown rice, carrots, spinach, green beans, eggs, tomatoes, wild rice and sweet potatoes.

You can find several farm-raised chicken formulas, and dog food made with other ingredients like lamb, liver, apples, peanut butter and even shortbread. Walmart carries Beneful’s gourmet style dog foods, which includes, Romano, Mediterranean, and Tuscany.

Walmart also sells other Beneful products, for instance a formula for a dogs’ dental health, along with one made for the healthy growth of puppies, and a variety of dog treats.

Walmart rolls back prices and has store wide specials every day, including some for Beneful’s dog food products. They also have an online price match for items bought from other online retailers, any in-stock products, or items brought from a different Walmart store. Coupons are accepted at all Walmart stores, but unfortunately not at its’ online store.

Achievements of the Science-based Venture Capitalist, Scott M. Rocklage

Scott M.Rocklage is a budding entrepreneur who is a strong proponent of measured risk-taking. In his venture as a life science-based venture capital firm, he believes in entrepreneurial ventures.

Dr. Rocklage attained his B.S. in Chemistry from California University, Berkeley and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His research was conducted in the laboratory of the acclaimed Nobel Prize Winner of 2005, Richard R. Schrock.

Scott M. Rocklage, Ph.D. joined 5 A.M Ventures in the year 2003 as a Partner and eventually became a Managing Partner in 2004. Based in Boston Massachusetts, Scott has been reviewed in 100 peer-reviewed publications and invented or co-invented on more than 30 U.S. patents. Learn more about Scott Rocklage:  http://www.rennovia.com/team/scott-m-rocklage/ and http://5amventures.com/team/scott-m-rocklage-phd/

With healthcare management experience spanning over three decades coupled with responsibilities of strategic leadership in nature, Scott M Rocklage ensured that Drug Applications (Cubicin®, Teslascan®, and Omniscan™) were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Through him, multiple drugs were entered into a variety of clinical trial programs.

Currently, he serves as the Board Chairman of Kinestral, Rennovia, and Cidara (NASDAQ: CDTX) as well as on the Boards of Pulmatrix (NASDAQ: PULM) and Epirus (NASDAQ: EPRS).

Dr. Rocklage has previously held various Research & Development positions at Salutar and Catalytica. He served as CEO and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, CEO President and of Nycomed Salutar.

He was also a former Board Chairman of Novira (which was acquired by Johnson & Johnson Co.) and Relypsa (NASDAQ: RLYP). Formerly he was the Executive Chairman of Ilypsa (which was acquired by Amgen), Miikana (which was acquired by EntreMed), and finally Semprus (which was acquired by Teleflex).

Scott loves to work with entrepreneurs – mostly scientists, physicians or business executives to assist them shape their ideas and visions into potential medicines to treat unmet or existing medical needs.

Israel Ambassador Daniel Taub and His Achievements as He Retires

In every relationship, there is a mutually beneficial reason that holds and steers the relationship. Relationships can be between countries, individuals, families or different corporate institutions. The common denominator in all relationships is the existing common interests that brought the two parties together. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

The relationship between Israeli and Britain has been cemented once again by the good work that Ambassador Daniel Taub has been doing for the past four years. As his term comes to an end, Daniel is confident that he has represented his country well and has solidified the relationship between Israel and the U.K. He has enhanced ties through academic relations and integration, business, and cultural links.

According to the Israeli embassy, Ambassador Daniel Taub is retiring this summer. During his time, trade between Israel and the U.K has doubled. Over 300 Israeli businesses are now operating in the U.K.

According to Javid, who is the British Secretary of State for business, innovation and skills, this period where trade relations between the U.K and Israeli has doubled can be referred to as the “golden era”. According to him, the annual bilateral trade is estimated to be around $7 billion.

Bloomberg revealed that although Daniel Taub was born in the U.K, he had to renounce his U.K citizenship in 2001 when he became the Israeli ambassador. Daniel has also worked as a peace negotiator. He has been a fearless leader who has tirelessly worked to see that every person has the freedom to express their opinions without fear or intimidation.

In 2012, Taub noticed the dull atmosphere in campuses and colleges as students adopted a boycott of Israel. In 2014, he visited Bradford after the area MP, George Galloway, went public to declare the city an Israeli free zone. Daniel Taub went there to speak with local leaders as well as religious leaders on behalf of all the Israelis. The main aim was the establishment of a peaceful co-existence.

Daniel Taub was born in Great Britain back in 1962 but later moved to Israel in 1989. He was a student at University College in Oxford, at University College in London. He also studied at Harvard University.

When in Israel, Daniel served in the Israel defense forces as a medic. He has worked as diplomat since 1991 representing Israel. He served as the Israel ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2015, a tenure that was marked with great success. He is currently the Director of Strategy and Planning of the Yad Hanadiv Foundation.

Todd Lubar: The Importance of Technology in Real Estate

Technology has made things easier and better in the recent times. However, it keeps changing. What seemed too hard to achieve in the past generations has already been made. At the moment, the youth are exposed to technological activities when they are infants, something that did not happen in the past. When an individual is watching television, it is evident that everything has changed, and nothing seems to be the same. Todd Lubar, one of the most respected individuals in the real estate world, says that people of all ages are now practicing some of the technology activities that seemed to be impossible.

For instance, the use of video conferencing was impossible and also unheard more than thirty years ago. However, this feature is already in use, and almost every adult in the country has used Facebook, Facetime or any other identical app in their life. The home improvement, daily living, and other industries have also embraced this wonderful technology.

According to Patch.com, before the introduction of the latest technology, some of the modifications in houses were made so that the individuals with special needs can be comfortable. A good example is the use of ramps for the people using wheelchairs. The experts would also place handrails in several locations so that the older people or those who have some specific weaknesses could be assisted. The countertops, in some instances, could be lowered or any other application modified to meet the demands of the people who had some disabilities. The creation of these modifications by experts now goes deeper than all these beliefs. All the modifications in the modern home are not made for the individuals with special needs; people who are planning to make their lives easier can choose to update their homes easily using technology.

Although installing a smart lighting system in a home can be very helpful to the people living with disabilities, it can also be good for the other members of the families. Everybody loves the idea of turning their lights in or off using a smartphone. Todd thinks that these technological advancements in real estate will make the world a better place.

Read More: https://patch.com/maryland/baltimore/todd-lubar-shares-thoughts-baltimore-real-estate-industry

What a Civil Rights Organization Can Do for People

Having a civil rights organization is a great way to make sure that things are going to be able to get better and to make sure that people are going to be able to have all of the rights that they need to improve their lives.

This is something that most civil rights organizations facilitators know about and something that they will continue to work with so that they are able to show people the different options that they have.

For the people who use these organizations, there is a lot of hope and there is a lot of abilities that they are able to enjoy no matter what is going on for those people. Since the people are able to try new things and since they are able to make a choice on what they are doing, they have been able to experience all of the options that they have in the different areas that they are in.

The idea behind the Frontera Fund is that people will be able to enjoy all of the options that they have when they are going through civil rights cases. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have to make sure that they are doing their best and that they are providing people with the opportunities that they might have missed out on otherwise.

The people who work with civil rights cases know that they can be dedicated to the experiences and that the Frontera Fund will always be among the best options for people to try and get a great experience in their own area.

Despite the fact that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey know what they are doing and the Frontera Fund has been successful, they want to make sure that it continues to grow. They see it as an opportunity to change the world and they hope that it will be something that will last for a long time.

If the Frontera Fund is able to grow, the men will be able to help more people and have a better experience while doing so. All of this will make things better for them and will show them that things can improve no matter where they are at or what type of issues they may be having in their own areas.

While the Frontera Fund has been doing what they can to help people, they are hoping to reach out to other areas. One of the biggest areas that they are going to focus on in is immigrant rights.

They believe that immigrants can use the help the most and that they will be able to benefit from it in the best way possible because of the issues that are happening in America with the president.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Providing Assistance through Typing

The Front Page Confidential is the newest project of the migrants’ rights duo Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Together, the two former classmates decided that they would need to upload a website that would display information about the condition and the status of migrants living in the United States. They are also showing up information about the vicious Joe Arpaio, who has been compared by other people as one of the most hated criminals of the world. According to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, creating the website is not that difficult, because they hired other people to process it and do the programming.

What is being published on the Front Page Confidential are stories about the plight of the migrant community in the United States. Some of those who were interviewed for the newspaper and the website said negative things about Joe Arpaio, and they could recall how he confiscated some of their belongings and never gave it back. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were also victims of Joe Arpaio in the past. They are asking about the protection of the First Amendment because Joe Arpaio is already harassing them. The county attorney’s office responded by sending a warning letter to Joe Arpaio.

However, the Joe Arpaio seems not to care about his status, and he ignored the warning letters sent by the county attorney’s office. Soon enough, the county attorney’s office suddenly wanted to turn their tides against Joe Arpaio and sent him straight to prison for contempt. Today, Joe Arpaio has already been pardoned by President Donald Trump, and he stated that he would be running for a higher office this time, either to become a representative or a senator. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin stated that they would keep on using the Frontera Fund to help those who wanted to eat, drink, and drive.

End Citizens United Bringing New Campaign Finance Reforms

Recently, Congressman John Sarbanes and Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi set up a By the People Reform Package that received much support from the End Citizens United. The package reform is chaired by both Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Sarbanes.


The proposals which were set within the reform aim to empower the nation’s ethics laws, secure the campaign finance system and give power back to the voter. This comes just in time after an election that had quite the controversy following an alleged outside spending. This new reform seeks to ensure that there is the utmost accountability in government.

Controversy following the recent elections comes about with the Trump administration being accused of allegedly violating the campaign finance rules, more so, having been instigated by Russian confederates.


President and Executive Director of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, commented that there are individuals with unlimited money that influence elections to meet their special interests. She added that with loopholes in the government it has become easy for foreign governments to funnel secret money into the elections, thus keeping the everyday American oblivious of what is happening.


End Citizens, a Political Action Committee, is aimed at reforming their campaign finance and countering the adverse effects of Citizens United. During the first yearly quarter of 2017 the political action committee raised over $4 million and it the committee reckons it will come up with $35 million ahead of the 2018 midterm elections for Congress. These numbers show a positive spin from the $25 million that was raised by the committee during the 2016 elections in its first cycle of operation.


The Political Action Committee’s leader, Tiffany Muller, said that the funds raised by the committee would be geared towards electing “campaign-finance reform champions” to congress. Aside from fighting back the corruption that is in the government the, the committee also seeks to stand against Trump and hi nominees, especially supreme court’s Judge Neil Gorsuch.


End Citizens United also helped advocate for the contribution of $500,000 towards the campaign for the congressional candidate, Jon Ossof. Mr. Ossof, who is 30, is a first-time democratic candidate who wishes to fill in for Republican Tom Price, in suburban Atlanta.


The Political Action Committee runs traditionally and does not accept individual donations which are over $5000. Nevertheless, despite this limitation, the committee in 2016 raised donations that ranked it among the top Democratic-aligned groups that were spending in the elections.

Karl Heideck’s Success Tips For Litigation Attorneys

Karl Heideck’s Success Tips
Karl Heideck’s Success Tips

Karl Heideck states that civil litigators mostly work for law firms. They work in private practice, boutique firms, and for the government. The litigation attorneys that work for the government serve as district attorneys and prosecutors in criminal law. Large corporations employ litigators themselves as well as large financial institutions and a few insurance companies.

The first step for litigators when a new case is presented is to conduct an investigation that includes going through medical records and witnesses statements. Once they have collected sufficient information, they contact the other party’s legal representatives to see if it is possible to settle the dispute out of court because it is the cheaper option for both parties. In case they fail to agree, the litigator prepares pleadings and motions to present in court. The main goal is to make sure their party wins the case.

Karl Heideck’s greatest desire is for others to succeed. He has issued a guide for new litigation attorneys on what to do to achieve their goals. According to Karl Heideck, one of the most important things to do is making connections and having good morals, honesty, and humility being top of the list. To be a successful litigator, one must be respectful and resourceful to the clients. One should not stop learning, and the only way to do this is being inquisitive. This way, the litigators gain knowledge quickly.

Karl Heideck is an attorney who specializes in risk and compliance management in Philadelphia. He went to Swarthmore College and graduated in 2003. He also has a law degree from Temple University. Karl Heideck is a successful litigator who offers risk management services and is a member of the Hire Counsel. Apart from this, he also offers services in the fields of corporate law and commercial litigation. His experience at Pepper Hamilton LLP equipped him with the skills that he uses to solve complex legal issues. He is a writer and is devoted to his blog where he talks to the public about the legal news and any new developments. He mainly targets the residents of Pennsylvania.

George Soros follows new, innovative strategy in quest for criminal justice reform

One of the ongoing social problems in the United States today is the wildly disproportionate rates at which minorities are incarcerated throughout the country. This has been an ongoing problem since the days of reconstruction. Today, in many states throughout the country, blacks are up to 10 times as likely to have a serious felony record as whites. For many, this represents a devastating failure of the United States criminal justice system to overcome its legacy of racism and oppression. Read more about George at The New York Times.

One man, George Soros has decided to set about doing something. Through his powerful philanthropic organization, The Open Society Foundations, Soros has begun making strategic donations to the campaigns of sheriffs, judges and district attorneys, in the hope that the criminal justice system can be reformed from the ground up. Soros realized that many of the major efforts to reform the U.S. criminal justice system over the decades had failed, due to the fact that they simply had no traction to effect real change. Soros’ genius lies in the fact that he has recognized the immense power that certain individual positions in the criminal justice system have. One of these is the district attorney, who quite literally holds sway over people’s lives.

In the United States, district attorneys have, perhaps, more power than any other actor in the criminal justice system. This includes police chiefs, Supreme Court justices and even entire legislatures. While the reasons for this are slightly complicated, the basic force behind the disproportionate power the district attorney’s currently wield in the United States is based on one tool: the plea bargain. The plea bargain has evolved as a way for the court systems, which would otherwise be completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cases, to effectively and efficiently process their huge case loads. It is estimated by many scholars that up to 95 percent of all criminal cases in the United States are disposed of through the plea bargain. This phenomenal number of cases that are resolved by the use of this single tool is the main factor in making district attorneys more powerful than any other position within the criminal justice system.

While it’s clear to see that district attorneys wield a great deal of power over the people who come before them, due to their ability to decide who does and does not get charged with crimes, the plea bargain adds a level of power than many people failed to fully comprehend. Through the use of what’s known as case loading, the act of charging a defendant with a number of extremely serious crimes, which collectively may carry penalties of up to life in prison, the district attorney can compel almost anyone to plead guilty to crimes, even in cases where those crimes were not committed by the defendant. Read this story at Politico.com about George Soros.

By replacing district attorneys with progressive liberals, Soros is making big changes to the system, where the rubber meets the road

Lacey and Larkin Pledges Money Won in Court to Assisting Human Right Groups: An Invaluable Lesson for Activists against Racism

The self-centered and money-driven individuals will call Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin stupid for the magnanimity of dedicating money won in court to assisting human right groups in Arizona and its environs.

The good news is that this singular act is not only enlarging their fans-base, but it is also invigorating the resolution of many to give whatever is required in ensuring a stop to all forms of racism both in the United States and the world at large. Lacey and Larkin count this a better reward than having the fattest bank accounts in the world. Do not crucify them for this; they cannot do otherwise; it is just the stuff they are made of.

Both men are reputable journalists. They co-founded Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. The incidence in question happened while the two gentlemen were at their duty post. News concerning the gruesome atrocities of County Sheriff Joe Arpaio came in; it was a case of blatant abuse of rights of innocent and helpless individuals. To make matters worse, a grand jury maneuvering was underway to bury the atrocities and prevent justice catching up with the County.

Here was an opportunity to deal a decisive blow on a chronic human rights violator, which will serve as a deterrent to other people planning to carryout similar mischievous acts against their fellow citizens. Both men seize the opportunity by reporting the incidence to appropriate quarters for investigation and prosecution if need be.

The County, through his findings, discovered that Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were responsible for the leakage. He unlawfully sent men to brutalize and bundle these journalists out of their homes late into the night. Both men had to take the matter to United State Court of Appeal. The filed case included a $3.75 million demand for the physical assault they suffered.

The big one was what Lacey and Larkin decided to do with money won in court. They did not forward it to their personal bank accounts rather they dedicate it to providing financial assistance to civil liberty organizations in and outside Arizona.

This action is still generating applause in the United States and far beyond. Even people criticizing the initial actions of Lacey and Larkin have had to come to the open to sing their praise.

Funds are needed to successfully fight racism and other forms of discrimination against colored people. This financial assistance is not likely to come from the perpetrators and supporters of these atrocities. Activists who are members of groups like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) will have to take a large share of the responsibility.

The starting point is recognizing the need to make more funds available and then taking the necessary sacrifices to ensure it availability with proper accountability in place. The best way to appreciate what Lacey and Larkin did is to emulate their magnanimity and desire to see people live in liberty and violators adequately punished.