Ryan Seacrest, New York City And Los Angeles

Ryan Seacrest is one of many longstanding celebrities who now live in New York City. Being a very small, condensed city, there is a chance that one might see Ryan Seacrest while walking around. The reason why he relocated to Manhattan was because he was able to fetch the role of host for “’Live!’ With Kelly Rippa.” New York sits on a much higher line of latitude, which is the reason for why it is colder and has more varied levels of light throughout the four seasons.

Los Angeles, the place where TV host Ryan Seacrest used to live, sits on a lower line of latitude and is within a closer distance to the equator. The City of New York is very large and sprawled out, though it is also very condensed. There are certain spots in New York City that are very dense, trendy and in high-demand. According to the New York Times, Los Angeles is known for its massive amounts of urban sprawl—probably due to the fact that the existence of motor vehicles played a role in its development. Also, the Five Boroughs of New York City were built on islands with limited room, while Los Angeles was basically built on the mainland United States where it could sprawl out as much as possible. It was essential for Ryan Seacrest to adjust his lifestyle to the new climate and landscape of New York City. Living in New York City demands ownership of certain types of clothing. You need different articles of clothing that can provide you with various levels of warmth. When it gets colder, the clothing line owner, Ryan Seacrest dons sweats to stay warm as he jogs.

Most of the time, radio show host Ryan Seacrest does not adhere to traditional, ignorant, uneducated ideas about eating. He watches his own diet like a hawk, though he does the opposite on weekends. The weekends are when he turns his back on his strictly formulated diet and throws concern to the wind.

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