Securus Technologies Publishes Customer Comments About Safety Services

CEO of Securus Rick Smith stated that weekly the company invents or improves upon the technologies that helps protect staff and improve inmate/ family communication. Securus receives thousands of personal and buziness emails regarding Securus Technologies and how their technology increases safety, security, and is instrumental in preventing and solving crime.


Here are a couple of quoted excerpts from the original press release:


“For well over a decade now, our correctional facility has relied upon the technology solutions offered by Securus. It is encouraging to see that our vendor of choice is committed to both revolutionizing the incarceration environment and progressively helping us to improve public safety in our jurisdiction.”


“I recently listened to an inmate to inmate call and heard two siblings talking along with the mother on the outside. The older sibling is telling the younger sibling, who has never been in trouble, exactly what to say when questioned about a recent shooting. These conversations will be instrumental in solving the case.”


Securus Technologies are located in Dallas, Texas and specialize in emergency response, incident management, investigation, biometric analysis, information management, and inmate self service for 1,200,000 inmates and over 3400 facilities across the nation. To read more about the customer comments, please click here.


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