Sheldon Lavin’s Contribution in Making OSI Group one of the Largest Companies Globally

Sheldon Lavin is the President of OSI International foods, which is a global leader in food processing and distribution. Lavin joined the OSI group in 1970 when the sons of Otto & Sons retired. Lavin had been serving as an investment consultant for the business and played an integral role in the financing of the then Otto & Sons Company that later transitioned into the OSI Group. Under Lavin’s leadership, OSI group went from being a domestic wholesale supplier of processed foods to an international corporate business at the forefront in providing a variety of food solutions to different establishments in over 65 countries.

Sheldon Lavin has led to the recognition of the OSI Group making it a recipient of multiple environmental and sustainability awards. The group received the Globe of Honor from the British safety council, 2016 as recognition of their excellent management of environmental risks. They also won the California Green Business Award, 2016 and most recently, the Environmental Recognition Award, 2018 from the North American Meat Institute. It has been Lavin ’s priority to position OSI group at the forefront of corporate responsibility, and he hopes the next generation leaders will continue to keep this a priority. Lavin believes in growing businesses in a way that contributes to commercial success while providing employment opportunities for the society.

OSI Group has recognized commercial success by its ability to blend the latest technology in the quality of food and safety. Partnering with food suppliers is also an essential aspect of the business, which is designed to create a stable food chain. They do this by sharing some of their intellectual property with suppliers, which includes technical resources that are vital for the quality production of food.

As OSI Industries transitioned into a global business, Sheldon Lavin’s experience in the banking sector was crucial to the growth of the company. OSI group’s growth was not only centered on McDonald’s, but also on other joint partnerships in different locations. In the early 1980s, Sheldon Lavin became chairman and CEO of the OSI Group. Under his watch, the transformation has seen the OSI Group grow to one of the most significant corporate business worldwide, ranking at No.58 on the 2016 Forbes list of biggest companies with sales of $6.1 billion.