Success Academy’s Triumph

Success Academy is known as the largest free charter school in New York City. Despite the high number of students that attend(over 14000 in its 41 locations of Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn), it is also known has the highest performing in the city.

Success Academy is open to all students, including children with special needs and children who are learning the English language. The admission is selected by a lottery held each April, comprised of up to 17,000 applications for around 3000 available seats.

Founded in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz, the belief of this school is that “Every child can succeed at an exceptionally high level.” Success Academy has primarily assisted low-income homes, and 93% of its student body are children of color. Eva has said that she believes that the gap persistent due to advantage can be closed with the right mindset when it comes to teaching children.

They have been praised by many, one of whom was Nina Rees, the president and CEO of the National Alliance for Pulbic Charter Schools. “Success Academy is redefining what an impactful, well-rounded academic approach can look like,” she stated, “Such innovation and determination is at the heart of the charter school movement.”

Success Academy is funded by investors John Paulson, Jenny Paulson, and Bill de Blasio, having awarded grants up to over 38.5 million dollars in the school in the past three years. Even with this huge sum of money, Success Academy aims to do even more to help children in the state of New York City, stating they would use their recently awarded Broad Prize of 250 grand to the support of college readiness programs.

Success Academy’s next step in the long run is to share their training, curriculum, and other intellectual material with other charter schools via digital platform. Eva shared her thoughts, explaining that she believes the heart of the program’s success comes from the dedication if its students, teachers and families. She aims to encourage these ideals in other charter schools for a better education for children everywhere.