The Life, Times, And Success Of Ronald Fowlkes

The National Hockey League was once infamous for its hooliganism. It was perceived that fighting comprised of a major part of the sport. Since 1922, when the sport started, fighting was used to energize the team members when they lost by a few goals to their opponents.
The game is slowly, but surely, evolving, as Ronald Fowlkes notes on his blog about the game. He is a diehard fan of the National Hockey League and the hockey game as a whole. He even took up a voluntary job. He coaches his son’s hockey team whenever he is not busy at work.
Besides being a blogger and a hockey fan, Ronald Fowlkes is a professional in the business field. During a normal workday, he is selecting products for development or making calls to clients all over the states. He also trains the sales team.
Ronald works as a business development manager at Eagle Industries Limited. This firm provides solutions for law enforcement and other security related products such as armor carriers, slings, harnesses, packs and bags and other accessories.
So, why work in this field? First, Fowlkes is a veteran of the First Gulf War. Additionally, he served as a Marine Corp from 1989 to 1993. During this time, he underwent combat training, a basic engineering course, parachute training, and an Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company basic course.
Ronald has previously served the Department of Defense as an independent contractor under the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization.
He also instructed military officers on tactical operations, rescue missions, post-blast analysis, evidence collection, and close-quarters combat operations. He led the interrogation of detainees.
His successful career in the military is because of the vast experience he acquired as a police officer. He worked at St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for over ten years before joining the St. Louis County Police Department. From here, he progressed to join the military.
Since becoming a team leader in 2003, he has become a certified trainer on tactical rifle warfare, shoot house, defensive tactics and swat warfare. He leads the team responsible for high-risk entries, barricaded entries, and hostage situations.
The team conducts self-initiated investigations into gang activity, illegal gun possession, drug trafficking and occasionally tackling civil disobedience.
Fowlkes makes a difference in the lives of Americans by enabling law enforcement officers to carry out their work with ease.