Tobias Jaeger, a Serial Entrepreneur

Tobias Jaeger is currently the Managing partner of AXIOM Venture Capital firm. AXIOM is a boutique advisory and consulting firm that focuses on the field of entertainment, media and content industry. What AXIOM does is help clients in television, film and entertainment industry acquire financial support to grow their businesses. In addition, Tobias founded AXIOM pictures which are a film and television fund that is based out of Europe. AXIOM pictures target investments projects in global film projects. Tobias Prior to joining AXIOM was involved in several ventures in film, consulting, finance and advisory business thus he has vast experience in the industry.


Besides running AXIOM Tobias is also a great contributor to German business news network Wirtschaft TV, where he comments on developments and events in the Media and entertainment industry.


Tobias attended Maastricht University and Texas A&M University where he was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business. It was at the University that Tobias began his entrepreneurship journey by starting his first company Business Associate Europe in the year 2007. The firm was an innovative consulting firm which brought together experienced consultants with university students to provide in-depth research and support to leading companies inside and outside Netherlands.


Tobias immediately after graduating from the University ventured into the e- gaming business where he partnered with a leading Poker Player and founded StrategosPoker. StrategosPoker was an online company that aimed at teaching poker players on how to play and generate income competitively.


Tobias continued with his entrepreneurship journey and founded an Entrepreneurship Academy which provided entrepreneurship courses to leading entrepreneurs in Europe and the Middle East.


Tobias joined the entertainment industry in 2012; an industry that he felt was sidelined for many years. In the Industry Tobias joined the Swiss initiative ‘Thought For Food.’ It is here that Tobias developed a documentary which showed the role the next generation of leaders would play in revolutionizing the food industry through technological innovations. The documentary was short in several countries and among them was Switzerland, Netherlands, the US, India, and Kenya. It has reached a wide audience of investors and decision makers who have pledged to help support the initiative.


Tobias has also served in the German Armed Forces, and 2006 together with others co-founded a nonprofit organization known as ‘Support German Troops’ whose primary objectives is to create awareness and accumulate support for the German Armed Forces Troops. The initiative has been able to raise more than a hundred thousand Euros which has gone a long way in helping countless armed forces families in Germany. The initiative also boasts of having more than fifty thousand followers on social media.


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